Artists in Rosendal

Rosendal’s creative energy has inspired many artists to make this magical village their home.

The artists are listed alphabetically.

Forest coffee table (high)

Dahla Hulme

The beauty of forsaken farm implements and countless things that are used up or discarded inspires Dahla Hulme to capture something of the past and making it part of the present again.
Dahla’s work can be viewed at her studio. 082 458 0996 &

Lein Smuts

Beeldhouer en skilder.
082 782 6532 &

michele birdsMichele Nigrini

With broad brush strokes, Pollock-like spatterings and boisterous colour combinations, the world-renowned Michele Nigrini captures the visual moments of everyday country life.
Michele’s work can be viewed at Michele Nigrini Studio (Meerkatkolonie) in Hertzog Street on appointment. 082 423 1970 &

Wessel van Huyssteen

A visual artist who predominantly works in watercolour.
082 850 3426 & &

Willem Pretorius

Willem finds his inspiration in the smells and sights of the small towns of South Africa. His depiction of them is that of a local and not a mere tourist or casual passer-by. The artists loves the way nature reclaims these man-made structures. Through documenting these landscapes he forces the on-looker to see through his eyes and stand were he stood still and maybe see it in a new light, the beauty in decay. His theme is mainly concerned with the “platteland” and its changing landscapes. It can be seen as a type of visual diary where he documents a specific time and place in our history and in doing so, remembering. It also reminds us of our own transcience and mortality. Everything is temporary. He works in oil and his style can best be described as observational realism with a strong South African vernacular.
Visit his studio/gallery, Skoppelmaai, by appointment. 076 159 0525 &


WimWim Rautenbach

Spontaneous freedom and honesty is the feeling which is derived from Rautenbach’s oil paintings. Light and form plays an important part in Rautenbach’s creative process. The work is not not static and totally realistic, movement, light and atmosphere can be experienced.
His paintings can be viewed from Tuesday to Saturday at Stallery in Keyter Street from 10:00 to 16:00. 072 275 5571 & &